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First and foremost, on a Resume, you need to mention your name and contact details. Make sure you mention your current address, mobile number and active email- id because this is how prospective employers will contact you.
Career objectives
In this section you will mention the position you are applying for in the company. It is a good idea to add where you see yourself in the next 5-10 years. This shows your vision for your career and your commitment to it. For example, if you are applying for the role of a salesperson, you can mention that and add that in 5 years you see yourself becoming the Store Manager.
Work experience
Being a fresher you do not have relevant work experience so you can talk about your internship during college. You should describe it a little bit and discuss how your input was incorporated in the project. Don’t just mention the Project title and dates. You should elaborate on what the project was all about, its purpose in relation to the business and your findings and recommendations.
Training and certifications
You can discuss any training program you might have undertaken during college. Many students take certificate programs during summer vacations; you can mention that here as well. It does not necessarily have to be related to your education, you could also mention if you have learnt a new language or taken training in graphic design, anything that interests you.
My qualifications
This is where you will mention your academic qualifications. Start by detailing your latest academic degree/ diploma and work backwards to 12th grade. In the Indian context marks and percentage are important and you can mention those in this section. It helps if you have been a consistent performer or if you have worked hard and improved your grades.
My extracurricular activities
It would be good to mention if you are interested in sports as being a sportsman teaches a lot of good qualities like leadership, team work, how to face challenges and how not to be a sore loser which can be mentioned as your strengths. It would be appropriate to mention if you have a talent yourself, if you play an instrument or paint in your spare time. You can also add if you are a member of the rotary club or some similar organization which shows you are socially active in your community.
My strengths
You can mention what you think are your strengths, characteristics which will enhance your work, your team and the company.
You can give names and contact details of your professors and your project leader during internship in this category. Do not give your father’s and uncle’s reference. This needs to be very professional. If you do not have references, don’t mention this section.
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